Localize website to Vietnamese, what you should know

Having more website traffic coming from Vietnam, or intending to reach Vietnamese customers?

A localized version of the website is one of the first thing you should be aware of. Vietnamese users will have different tastes for websites and content. This article will discuss it in details.


Fonts used on website may affect UI/UX. And using wrong or Vietnamese-unsupported fonts may draw customers away from your website.

Take a look at these two popular font errors:

Vietnamese font error

In the first one, the problem is still somehow acceptable as the text is still readable. However, it can’t be read in the other one.

The reason is that the English font used in the website may not support Vietnamese characters. You can buy Vietnamese fonts for designing or branding purposes. However, you can also use free Google fonts here: https://fonts.google.com/?subset=vietnamese


Although most users will have an available Vietnamese text editor on their devices/laptops. But in case you need to integrate a HTML text editor into the comment/post on the website, please make sure the script supports both TELEX or VNI typing methods. These are two most popular way for inputting Vietnamese.



According to the Vietnam digital report 2016, 92% of internet users are under 40 years old. Most Vietnamese are still young, therefore, eye-catching designs will work well and attract them more.

Take a look at this popular site in Vietnam for a reference on colors used in the website:

kenh14 website


It is simple for websites that have a single page or few pages to be translated. But it will be complicated for larger systems, or sites with huge amount of content.

  1. So the first thing is to make a list of priortized sections or articles/news for translation.
  2. Take a look at these notes about Vietnamese languages to ensure localization quality.
  3. Change your graphics to meet the taste of local users, if necessary.
  4. Copywrite/localize promotional content to create highest attraction.
  5. Use a proofreading service to ensure everything is good before launching. This is important, as the content may be translated correctly as it is, but without real context, the translators may make mistake. Please remember that an English word may be translated into different words in Vietnamese, depending on the situation and use.

In your experience, what elses should we note? Please comment below.


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