Customized Service

Many services are customized to fit you special needs in penetrating the market

Vietnam is a dynamic & fast growing market. In order to succeed in this young emerging ASEAN country, you will need further assistance to overcome language barriers and cultural differences. This is where we can give you a hand.

Some of our customized services

  • Digital Content Creation & Translation for Social Media Promotion in English – Vietnamese
  • Translation of Market Surveys, Reports & Interview Content from English to Vietnamese and vice versa.
  • Data Mining – Search for Market Information & Contact & Interpretation
  • Data Entry &┬áTranslation of Content from Vietnamese to Other Languages
  • Micro Content Translation for Long Period (low volume but in long term)
  • Local Personnel for Customer Support Service
  • Market Consultation & Penetration Support
  • Remote Freelance Team for Long-term Translation Projects
  • Etc.

Why should you use Customized Service from Local Translate?

  1. No more worry about language barriers & cultural differences in Vietnam. Let us do the job as we know it better. Save your strength and focus, then spend time on creating a masterplan that will win the market in early phases.
  2. It can be costly to recruit and train a translation team for long term period while the work volume is irregular.
  3. Save more money when using a one-for-all service, instead of paying for different single tasks with no clear effective results.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Just fill in the form below and tell us what you need done. We surely can find out an appropriate way for cooperation.