Mobile app localization for Vietnamese language

Vietnamese is spoken by 80 million people, and currently the official language in Vietnam. Our professional Vietnamese translators will ensure translation accuracy and quality.

Service advantages

Which benefits can you get from Local Translate’s mobile app localization service? Please read below:

  1. Optimized translation – We provide keyword research service for ASO purpose, which will optimize your app description during translation.
  2. Free or low cost QA service – Although our translators have experience in translate application for many platforms like android and iOS, there are still chances that the usage context is misunderstood. By that, we offer QA service for the translated content that you have put into the app. The review will be done by native Vietnamese.
  3. Save time and cost – For regular translation, you can only provide plain text for translation and replace or input them into your code. This is a time-consuming process and may result in high risks of bugs or errors. With us, you can send string files or codes directly and receive the final string files or codes that can be use immediately.

In summary, this is how the service looks like:

  • Translate mobile app UI in document strings or xml.
  • Localized translation for app description on app stores for better engagement & ASO.
  • Long-term service for further app updates & improvement